Bankruptcy Law

exp-bankruptcyHardship can strike at any time. The difficult times in which we find ourselves often bring overwhelming financial debt due to circumstances beyond our control — unexpected changes at work, loss of health insurance, and separation or divorce. Sometimes bankruptcy is your best option for peace of mind and financial stability. No matter how big or small your financial problem, Zipris LaValle will provide you with individualized attention to find the right solution for you.

Overwhelmed by debt? Recently lost your job? Considering bankruptcy?

Why the law firm of Zipris LaValle is right for you:

  • Honest assessment of your financial situation
  • Free consultation. We can make the bankruptcy process affordable
  • Our attorneys guide you through the entire bankruptcy process
  • Fresh start without debt

Zipris LaValle specializes in all aspects of Bankruptcy Law. We serve both individuals and businesses throughout South Florida.

We believe that every client’s financial situation is unique and requires an individualized approach. We always put your interests first. You will receive a free legal consultation in which we thoroughly evaluate your financial situation and develop an appropriate course of legal action. At the end of the consultation, Zipris LaValle will inform you of your rights, responsibilities and available legal options. We will always treat you with dignity, respect and compassion. Every step of the bankruptcy process will be simplified and explained so that you have peace of mind.

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