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Need help with USCIS Forms? Looking for FAMILY Petitions? VISAS?
Do you need to answer your DEPORTATION order?

We can help you address all of your immigration needs. Zipris LaValle understands that immigration issues can become difficult and complicated. Allow us to help you in answering those difficult questions so you can start living your American Dream. We offer thorough legal services for individuals and employers. A lawyer can speak with you to discuss your matter such as employment visas, deportation orders, and family petitions to name a few. We are happy to guide you through the immigration process to gain status in the United States!

We can also help you pursue citizenship. First, we can assist you in obtaining green card status and then adjusting to becoming a full United States citizen with all rights and privileges! To learn more about how we can help you and to talk to a lawyer, please call our Offices and someone will gladly speak with you.


What will Zipris LaValle do for you?
  • Provide a free consultation and discuss your case and the options
  • Evaluate the opportunities you have in achieving your immigration goals
  • Suggest alternatives to explore including family members
  • Representing you in Immigration Court, at USCIS, or against the ICE
  • Handling all immigration litigation matters on your behalf
  • Our experienced immigration firm embraces the opportunity to serve you and your family, beginning with your free consultation

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