Business Immigration

In the United States, there are millions of businesses and corporations that employ individuals on a daily basis. Part of that employment strategy is considering the best of the best which includes the international market. At Zipris LaValle, we can help employers and potential employees obtain business or employment-based visas. There are several different employment-based visas which can be sought, namely the H1B, H2B, TN1, Green Card, E2 Investors and J1. This is an area of immigration law that is ever-changing. Our team of immigration attorneys at Zipris LaValle are skilled and experienced to deal with dynamic law changes and can assess which employment-based visas best fit your employer-employee relationship. Further, employment-based visas can involve the U.S. Department of Labor which requires a different set of approval from that sought by USCIS. Zipris LaValle can answer of your employment-based immigrant visa questions and help you deal with work visa problems.

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