Moving to the United States to live the American Dream is the most common vision of people envisioning a life in the U.S. Acquiring a visa to come to the United States can be one of the most complicated documents in obtaining. However, with the help of Zipris LaValle, P.A., we can help make that process become much easier. There are many opportunities in the U.S., but some of those opportunities require the obtaining of a visa. Depending on different situations, there are several ways for individuals to seek visas to come to the United States. Some visas can be obtained on a temporary basis, but others can eventually lead to establishing permanent residency. These visas are often referred to as ‘dual-intent’ visas.

Our immigration attorneys can help you to assess what kind of visas best fit your situation and your goals. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of a Miami Immigration Attorney as the process can be long and difficult – this can include the completion of numerous forms, interview processes and official documentation. The advantage of having the assistance of an attorney is that we can provide you with the necessary legal advice needed in order to simplify the process and answer all of your important questions throughout the application process.

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