Do you have water damage due to a flood? A flood is described as from ‘rising’ water, usually from a heavy rain or levy break. If you should suffer a Flood claim, let Zipris LaValle handle your insurance claim for you.

Zipris LaValle handles claims in the South Florida, and our team of professionals is very familiar with Flood claims and FEMA policies. We’ll review your policy, estimate your loss, and negotiate a fair settlement with your carrier. We usually request the replacement of items effected from a Flood; items like carpet, baseboard, paint, etc. This means we’ll fight for replacement (if necessary) over a simple cleaning or repair.

Flood insurance is typically needs to be purchased in addition to a homeowner owner policy. More importantly, the term flood has a specific definition that’s often confusing for most people. A flood is when water from an existing water source, like a lake, rises up and enters the property. Usually when property owners see water in the property they’ll say, “my house is flooding!” Actually, this is water damage and is likely from a broken pipe or roof leak. This would not be a flood claim, but rather a broken pipe claim.

Insurance companies have specific definitions for terms that lawyers and public adjusters are skilled in understanding. This is precisely why an insurance claim is best handled by a professional at Zipris LaValle.

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