A property damage lawyer will explain to a policy holder the limitations when it comes to mold coverage in an insurance policy. Mold is a nasty fungus that can take over a property and thrive in the most unsuspecting locations in a home or commercial property. Mold can be visible or invisible to the eye. In addition to the damage mold can do to a property it also has damaging effects on a person’s respiratory system. With all the detrimental effects that mold can have and the limitations within insurance policies, it’s vital to have insurance lawyers and adjusters review you situation.

Water damage doesn’t have the same policy limitations as mold, and water causes mold to develop and thrive. Therefore it’s very common that water damage is the claim and mold is the tangential damage caused by the water claim. This type of connection and understanding of the insurance claim limitations is a key reason to contact a Zipris LaValle when discovering mold or water damage. The key to a successful recovery is in the details is paying attention to the causes and damages, which is an art learned through experience.

Mold is a common discovery in many South Florida locations in which moisture thrives and where moisture lives mold finds its place. Mold quickly develops when water enters a property, and quickly this takes over the property. This is precisely why an insurance claim is best handled by a professional at Zipris LaValle.

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