Pipe Bursts

Picture yourself waking up or going to your place of business on any given morning only to notice that your floor is covered with 2 inches of water. How do you file your insurance claim? How do you make sure you are compensated for any loss of revenue? How can you make sure everything will be covered? How can you make sure that all of the water damage is repaired so that mold does not become an issue?

Whether the water damage is due to overflowing pipes or a leaky roof, the end result is still the same. Property is damaged and now you have to wrestle with the insurance company to file a water damage claim. It is very frustrating to helplessly watch water drip from ceilings and walls, and destroy your belongings, leaving the interior of your home smelly and moldy.

Many realities occur when water damage is discovered in a home or business. The first thing to typically occur is an excited and frightened response by the person that discovers a ceiling leak, air conditioning flooding, broken pipe in the bathroom, kitchen sink leaking, hurricane damage, and water flooding. Dealing with the water damage in a quick and systematic way is the most beneficial approach to handling the problem. It’s much easier to handle the situation if you have a plan beforehand and know a lawyer and adjuster that can help. The professionals at Zipris LaValle are ready to help and can be contacted to review your property and insurance coverage.

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