Roof Leaks

One of the most concerning types of property damage to residential or commercial real estate is roof damage. There are several types of roof damage that can occur, some are natural occurrences due to time, others occur because of water damage, hurricanes, lightening, extreme weather, vandalism, or several other events causing damage.

Roof damage can occur to a roof on a residential or commercial property. There are many different types of damage that exist depending of the style of roof and materials used. South Florida is home to many drastically different aesthetics – Art Deco style roofs in Miami Beach, Spanish style roofs in West Palm, Shingle roofs in Tampa, Flat roofs in St. Lucie, and many more roofs styles across South Florida.

The Florida rainy season and Hurricane season can cause terrible roof damage. The damage is not just through water, but it’s possible during these storms that trees are uprooted and fall onto homes or commercial property. These are events, that in most cases, cannot be anticipated and leave homeowners defenseless to the elements.

Roof damage is a common occurrence in South Florida. There are countless building codes and zoning codes centered around roofing. Roofs protect the inhabitants and belongings from the elements, it’s vital that strict rules are followed when constructing a roof. When roof damage occurs, it’s equally as important that the full damage be recognized, reported and repaired. The Professional at Zipris LaValle will help you through this process.

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