We live in Florida, where hurricanes are a common occurrence. Regardless of what County, you are probably required to have Hurricane (or wind) insurance. If your home or business has been damaged due to winds from a tropical storm, a named hurricane, or even tornado, Zipris LaValle handle your claim.

Storm damage can be anything from minor to extremely destructive. Most home, commercial and business owner’s insurance policies cover wind damage and damage from wind-driven rain; however, insurance companies can sometimes delay or ultimately deny paying these claims. During such a traumatic time, we will take the burden away and relieve the stress and anxiety; so you can get on with putting your home and life back in order.

Let our professionals at Zipris LaValle provide you with peace of mind. Let us take care of your insurance claim recovery. When you are faced with hurricane damage, before you call your insurance company, call our expert team of licensedlawyers, public adjusters, and engineers. We are the specialist in hurricane damage assessment and recovery.

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